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Dare To Follow Emo Flair

Fashion is a serious biz where we all would love to go parallel with the latest curve but that too needs serious cerebral approach. Regardless of whatever abusive remarks are made against the latest style there are a great many people who dare to follow such trend uncared of the remarks that adorn the balustrade of our fashion stores.

These people are marked as emo who dares to persuade something different. They do not dress to impress others but to impress themselves thus going against the saying that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. These emo guys constitute a different generation carrying confusing ideas and thoughts.

They are often found to indulge themselves longer doing their hair and less time meticulously cutting tiny holes in their cardigans to create the moth-eaten look.

Rooted firmly in music emo is edging its way into mainstream culture in the most spectacular fashion. Research and survey says that there is more than one kind of emo having their own different style that distinguishes them from each other and they are the "dressy emo" "indie emo", and the "nerdy emo". Let us find out the difference between each of them.

1. Dressy Emo: Girls are found sporting a high waisted skirt teemed with vintage chiffon shirt and wool vest, and a vintage knee length pea coat preferably with high waisted belt on top of it, knee length socks and a pair of vintage heels and a thick grey wool scarf. Hairs should be longer and whispy, flipped out at the sides and the trusty Messenger Bag devoid of all badges and safety pins to class it up. Guys should be sporting a dark brown or black mop top and tight stovepipes, preferably black and light woolen knitted black jumper with a dinner vest over the top for winter and for warmer nights, a faded shirt or band t-shirt underneath. A silver necklace and maybe a couple of fluro wrist bands are their fashion accessories and pair of Vintage Julius Marlow’s for footwear and Ray band sunglasses for daring emo look.

2. Indie Emo: skin tight jeans preferably black, fitted, faded shirt, equip with a random slogan and a dark blue or poor brown work jacket or 70’s style parka. Undergoes body piercing, wear beads jewelries and carries Messenger Bag with d safety pins and badges for an edgier look. Hairs cut short with bangs across the forehead and dyed jet black.

3. Nerdy Emo: Costume consists of on a pair of Dickies work pants or black converse a band t-shirt underneath with a tight grey v-neck sweater from your grandpa’s wardrobe and hair cut short with a good tussle. They also apply wax but keep it subtle. Other accessories are thick black-rimmed glasses and Messenger Bag.

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