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Online Dating- A Woman's Guide

Women should be more careful when choose to know friends or date online. Online dating services filter partners based on your criteria and online chats break the ice better than conventional blind dates. However, here are a few steps a woman should take when dating online:

If you really are serious about finding a live partner online,you should be sure and serious yourself. But over enthusiasm and too much information will lead to negative result. While chatting, do not tell a man your life story. Keep answers short when he asked. For example, he might ask 'How many family members you have?'Just answer 5 and then ask how many he has instead off telling him grandmother stories about your family members.

By doing so, not only you avoided revealing too much information but you are also interacting with him, a balance of talking and listening.

The second tip is, do not lie. If you want to know honest people, start being honest yourself. Do not lie about your wealth, your looks or anything else in particular. The lies will catch up with you sooner or later especially if you choose date in a nearby community. He might find out from friend's friend who also happens to know you. Just be yourself, there is one or more person out there who will just love you for who you are.

The third tip, safety first. As woman, you need to be extra careful, you do not know who you will be meeting, and date raped is nothing uncommon now. If decided to meet up, drive yourself or get someone to send you. Let someone close know where you are going. When you feel something is amiss, excuse yourself to the washroom and leave by the backdoor or call someone to pick you up.

Lastly, do not be too eager or overzealous. You do not want to appear to be desperate. The golden rule for the guys, if the girls come too easy, they will lose interest. Do not push give out photos too soon and or push for face-to-face meeting so soon. Find out more and get to know him better first.

In this busy society, meeting someone online is possible and can be rewarding. So enjoy yourself, do not give up, there are many possibilities out there.

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